Steve Abeyta was born in Southern Colorado. He has a love for sports - he loves participating in sports and watching sports. His passions include hitting the hard wood to play hoops with friends or riding his bike in the Colorado foothills or mountains, or snowboarding the Mary Jane Territory at Winter Park. He also loves watching his kids participate in sports and other activities. For many years, he has photographed his kids and their teammates participating in various sports. That hobby has turned very serious.

Steve travels to many countries as part of his current job. He regularly travels to countries throughout Asia, including China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, and Malaysia. He also travels regularly to most countries in Europe and Latin America. During his travels, he has taken photographs of many wonderful sites and people.

This past year, his travels included a trip to northern Spain - the Basque region of Spain. Steve has done extensive family history research and one of the regions of most interest to him is the Basque region. The origin for the name Abeyta is in this region of Spain. The original name is Beitia, which refers to the lower house. The original family resided in a lower house that sat below an upper house. His research is being narrowed down to identify the original location of this house. So far, he has traced this line back to the 1500’s.

Steve lives in Aurora, Colorado, USA. Capturing precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments is the job of a dedicated photographer. Steve is working with clients who are interested in capturing those life passions. You are invited to enjoy some of the photos taken by Steve captured in this site called Beitia Photography.

When not taking shots with a camera or a basketball, Steve spends time with his wife, his kids and his dog.